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Approaches to Teaching Eliot's Poetry and Plays

Essays by university professors on their approaches to teaching various works by Eliot. Review of Scholarly Resources. List of musical adaptations and of Eliot's work in popular culture.


Literary Criticism
A new reading of Eliot's poetry and prose based on previously unavailable archival material. Focus: the dialectical shape of T. S. Eliot's imagination, in which awareness of opposites results in a move to a third term that contains and transcends both.
This book examines modernism as cultural and literary phenomenon, with focus on T. S. Eliot.
A highly readable and richly detailed reading of T. S. Eliotís "The Waste Land"
Eliot Editions
Contains all surviving prose composed between the ages of 16 and 30. Scrupulously edited and critically annotated.
American Critical Archives . Comprehensive gathering of American and British responses to Eliot's work as it appeared.